A Garden in a City

In 2014 I travelled to Asia for the first time. It was an unexpected trip which came at a time of new found health and an album of songs that I was excited to share with the world. Your House is an album full of songs which were largely written from many bible studies in Genesis and the story of the garden of Eden.

When I arrived in Asia I was surprised by the intense level of human souls that filled the air. The population is far greater than anywhere I had been before, and nestled in the vast city was a garden. Not a real garden but still, a garden, where people were creating beautiful jewellery and young women were finding rest, healing and new life.

Eden Ministry works to reach, rescue and restore those caught in the red light districts of Asia. They provide holistic programs and courses which enable both men and women to support themselves into a new and brighter future. Many of the young women have been trafficked and the work of Eden Ministry provides a safe place to process their stories.

The young women and teams working with Eden Ministry create beautiful pieces of jewellery that are sold all over the world to support the work. The women are given a new skill in not only the making of the pieces but the design process too.

I was privileged to visit one of the Eden offices and was able to teach and share about the creative story of God and how He makes us all uniquely and endlessly creative. We dove into the text of Genesis 1 with joy and I shared songs of that garden space like, Eternity and Sapphire Blue. At the end of our time one young girl spoke (in Chinese) a song she had written about her time at Eden. There was a translation of the song into english and I was able to sing an improvised melody in the moment as a perfect conclusion and prayer to our individual God breathed creativity. Two worlds collided in that room, a garden in the middle of a booming city and it was really a sweet holy moment.

Two years later, here I am, writing a blog about the space of time between that room and this moment. For the time it takes for little things you might see in the moment to come into fruition, one must be patient in what can be seen as full of potential. After working with a couple of friends who run the website Prayerscapes.com we are now able to release a full track inspired by the moment in that room in Asia. At the time I recorded the spoken song in Chinese and the melody I sang. This is now a song ready to share with the world, highlighting the work of Eden and the awareness we can raise of modern day slavery. All proceeds raised from sales of this single will go directly to Eden Ministry.

Eden Song is the result of one young girls creativity on the other side of the world to me. I believe that as we are inspired by others in this way we are swimming in the true definition of what makes something truly good. As we bring forth what is inside of us, with the seeds of future life inside it, we can inspire and teach the next generation to be as generous with their talent as a tree is to its fruit. A tree would not withhold its fruit, for that is where the future is. A girl in Asia can write a song and I could hear it as something in motion or a moment in time, or how about both. I believe this song has the potential to bring further life and that is very good.

For more information about Eden ministry please visit www.edenministry.org. If you would like to book me to come and share about the work, the song and even run a creative workshop for your community please contact me at

Sally Cranham