Frame - Now on iTunes

I’m excited to share that one of my new songs is now available on iTunes. The song is called Frame and the recording was made possible by receiving a grant from The Catholic League of Women based in Minneapolis. The song was produced and recorded by Matt Patrick who has worked with one of my most recent inspirational singer / songwriters Sara Groves. Matt owns and runs the The Library Studio, in the artists district of NE Minneapolis.

Matt and I started the production process for a new body of work in the spring of 2018 and I was so pleased when I received a grant to record this specific song. Frame was written during a season when I was working as a residential volunteer for a non-profit/charity in the heart of Minneapolis. It was during an online outreach session when we were met by a woman who was pregnant and yet still engaged with this work. Frame became a song of response that touches on dimensions of lament, prayer and deep empathy towards the situation we were faced with on that day.

Through the many years that I have spent in scripture study I was able to draw on a couple of stories from the bible as I wrote the lyrics. The stories I drew from speak of women who were faced with tragic situations that left them alone and ostracized. The first is the story of Hagar in Genesis and the second the story of the woman at the well found in the gospels. Both of these women had holy encounters, one with an angel and one with Jesus. They were both met exactly where they were and ended up feeling found in their pain, were asked questions that ultimately left them feeling seen, and as a result went away knowing a tangible reality of love, mercy and grace.

Frame is a song for anyone who has experienced deep pain, wrestling and seeking. The chorus highlights the two questions that the angel asked Hagar in Genesis: “Where are you from? Where are you going?” She only answers one of these questions (have a read and find out which one in Genesis 16) and goes on to be the first person in scripture to experience the desert wilderness and to name God, the one who sees me.

This song has a different music sound than I have explored before and I really love its electro pop vibe that I hope will reach listeners far and wide. Please share it with your friends and if you would like to hear more about other songs that I am hoping to record just click here.

Frame is available on iTunes and can be streamed from all the usual spots, like Spotify, Amazon etc.