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Have you ever had that experience where someone just names the essence of who you are in what they see you doing? They speak as if they have been present to your past and present and prophetically speak even more life towards the future. They speak with clarity and insight that reflects back to you an experience of yourself that you didn’t think was possible. Well, I have, very recently, and it happens to be connected to this very blog. This portal that sits like a well of deep thought and connection to all I see in and outside of my physical form.

Today is the one year anniversary of hearing the words “Feathers and Whirlwinds” in my whole being. I remember the day it was given to me, like a gift. I then came across the attached picture that my friend Devon Johnson (Founder and Director of Whilst Magazine) took and tagged with the most exquisite gift of language towards my heart. She saw me, reminded me, encouraged me and spoke forth life to something that is of huge significance to my heart.

So, where did it all begin?

I was walking around the block in Southern California. I kept my exercise routine simple and knew that if I went around the block seven times I would do five kilometres. I would listen to podcasts and pray and sweat (I mean glow). When I arrived in California last year I had this question resonating in my soul. What is your Jericho? A strange question indeed, and not one I was expecting.

Jericho is the first city that the children of Israel come to in the Promised Land. A fortified city with a large wall. This lead me to ask the question, what is your wall? As I was walking on that hot day last year this question was in my thoughts as I listened to a podcast by a very good friend and someone who would become a very good friend in the year ahead. Their voices vibrated through my body, not just because of the beautiful content but because somehow I was hearing this deep sense that here were two men fully at home in what they were doing and what they were speaking about. They were and are home to the calling on their lives and they walk it well. Thank you Rabbi Alan and Steve Wiens.

It was during this podcast that I heard, “your next album will be called feathers and whirlwinds”. I arrived back at the house of the family I have done life with for many years, and I bounded into the kitchen saying, “God just spoke to my soul the words ‘feathers and whirlwinds’. It’s the name of the next body of songs I will write and record. Oh, wow, it could also be the title of a blog and, and, and, and….” We all were smiling and loving the revelation. I emailed a friend straight away to start the artwork, I then went on to meet the guy who would create the website and it was launched earlier this year.

But, what have walls and Jericho’s and walking around the block really got to do with being seen and writing a blog, you might be asking?

Well, here’s the thing. When you start asking what the wall is, you have to know that this is the start of a very vulnerable process. Walls keep things in AND out. I didn’t realise how much the wall had been acting in equal measure. Here I was walking around the block and it felt like feathers and whirlwinds was the answer to my question.

If you know the bible story in Joshua 6, the children of Israel were told to walk around the city of Jericho sounding trumpets. On the seventh day they walked around the city seven times and at the end they were instructed by Joshua to “Shout, for the Lord has given you the city”. This was a group effort, a communal “you”, a moment in time where as a people we were bringing down a great city that as a suggestion from my heart to yours is all about the walls that guard our inner parts from being free, undone and vulnerable to the true essence of being seen. Maybe being seen is all about the connection to seeing that you are being seen. The messy and the beautiful process of that.

Feathers and Whirlwinds is about my walls coming down. It is about a deep yearning. This yearning is a sense of drawing forth the deep knowings and seeings of my heart. The deep part of what is stirred and the abundance to speaking forth life to others from my own experiences. How I see the connections of scriptures to our lives through hyperlinks and poetic prose and imagery, and how I am learning to know that I am seen by others and together we shout the freedom. That this seeing means that things can come in and out of me freely and that in that freedom there is room for mistakes, abundance, joy and face to face intimate relationship with many other souls around me.

Thank you Devon for what you wrote. Thank you God for seeing me, in that wilderness of walls and fear. Slowly but surely I am living it out from the gift of freedom I received on that day, 365 days ago.

What question might lead you to see what your wall is? Who sees you? What does that feel like? Have you asked anyone recently or received anything that has accurately spoken to your essence and left you full of smiles? It’s time friends. The walls exist and we can walk around them together. Go get caught in the whirlwind! It’s not always easy but it sure is fun to live YOURlife!

“Sometimes the best thing we can do is embrace the process! Our first dreamer this week is @sallyelizagrace founder of Feathers and Whirlwinds, a blog devoted to naming the times where we can find safety in the midst of change and peace in the midst of the unexpected. Check out her blog to learn more about how naming seasons can change your outlook”
Devon Johnson, Whilst Magazine www.whilstmagazine.com

Photo credit Devon Johnson