Read between the lines

I recently looked out of the window and saw this image, a cloud neatly trailing between two telephone wires outside the office window. It got me thinking about what we see and how we see it. I think the creative in me is unconsciously kind and full of permission to see the image and give it a name or a phrase that it inspires in me. Maybe it’s an element of self compassion even, to see that how you see and find words to frame it a little.

Of course, some people won’t get it at all and might not like how seemingly borderless creativity can be. I don’t think its about the borders but rather the space between the borders. We all think so very differently and we are full of potential to live a life of seeing the depths of beauty and the equally the depths of pain very tenderly. We can be kind towards ourselves as we often find it easier to be towards others. I see this way and its always in movement. I am seeking a life of punctuation points that mean one can take a breath and see beyond whether you are putting the full stop or comma in the correct place. I’m living and learning and am in the flow.

For the cloud to be between the lines is an interesting image. I wrote to a friend and said, “it’s time to read between the lines”, as a common theme between us is the mystery of the cloud. Clouds are vapour and dust particles and unseen measures of warm and cold air. They are mysterious and can cause us to be unable to see what’s above, below or ahead. They form shapes and can cause shadows upon the earth that create breathtaking beauty. This cloud between the lines got me thinking deeply about what it means to ask for what is not available to us in plain sight, but is rather a doorway to the mystery that is beyond our words and taps into the beauty of our creativity and allows us to fly.

Sally Cranham