Read between the lines

Sometimes life feels like a whirlwind. You honestly couldn’t write the script, even if you had hints to a trigger or starting point its seldom we get to see what is around the next corner. I do think that there is a way of being present and prepared, maybe even intentional to what it is we need in a moment or what potential a moment could hold. I wonder how our creative essence needs to and can be responded to in the effortless and the conscious hard work that living really is.

On the very same day that I saw the image used on the previous article of the same title I had no idea that later on that day a friend in Ireland, whom I haven’t seen in many years posted the image used here, on her Instagram page @crea8ivefocus. Thank you Christine. Community does in fact reverberate across the globe and the divine nature of nature itself and breath and life can indeed take your breath away.

Yesterday I wrote this poem/song and I thought I would share it here.

Read between the lines and you’ll find breath.
Light amidst the darkness and your faith is met.
Open doors to victory on the road less travelled.
Seeing either side of you a love untangled.
Simply put, I’ve found love.
See the tree inside, in the midst and before me.
Table set, an overflowing cup.
As the waters collide, below and above.
Darkness matters, light is scattered.
Read between the lines the crown is placed.
Time amongst the sacred and an open space.
Open roads to silence and the road will meet you.
Hearing in the chamber and the King before you.
See I am doing a new thing.
Hear I am singing a new song.
Love I am showing you, you in Him
Trusting the leaving and to follow is planning.

Today marks the Jewish holiday of Purim, remembering the story of Esther in the bible. The name of God does not appear in the text and yet it is defined my divine consequence and holy wisdom and action. It is the book we can really seek to learn more about the character of royalty and divine call that is on our lives.

May we all take courage to read between the lines and take courage in the whirlwind.

Sally Cranham