Communal Singular

Today I walked a trail in the spring sunshine and came across this lovely looking STOP sign. I was on the phone with my friend and she was driving home after a meeting. We got to the end of the conversation and I thanked her for being with me on the walk. She thanked me for being with her on her drive home. It was a lovely moment and I said it was lovely to be in movement with her, she replied, “well, I’m sure there’s something in that”, we laughed and acknowledged the togetherness of it all.

Friends, call the people, walk the trails, acknowledge that you are not alone. Stop thinking that you are. Think about the road or the trail builder, think about the shoes on your feet and where they came from, feel the clothes on your body and each fibre and colored thread and where it came from. Think of origin and source and then return to the moment you started speaking with your friend.

With the breath in your lungs and the tapestry of letters and words that flow from your mouth, remember that you are always in motion and stopping is all part of the process. You are not alone. You are not a singular one but a communal singular. Acknowledge it and have gratitude. It’s a beautiful life.

Sally Cranham