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Groundhog Shadows

Do you remember that movie with Bill Murray called Groundhog Day? I haven’t watched the movie in years but if I remember correctly the character takes a while to see that he is waking up to the same day, everyday, and here lies the gut feeling! This really must be the start of a new conversation, so do bear with me as I try to begin it with myself. There has been a “groundhog day” quality to a number of days and seasons in my life….

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The Shadows Flee

Let this be your truth, men and women. The shadows will flee and we will have courage to respond to our calling and essence on earth. There is a set apart way just for you and your creativity and passion. There is a way set apart that will mean you bring light into dark places. There is a way set apart that embodies the virtues mentioned on the walls of this chapel, in a cemetery, in Minneapolis.

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