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You love me this way

I was out walking the path. I was listening to Falling Upward by Richard Rohr, I was praying under my breath, I walking uphill with my head down and there it was, a perfectly formed but dead butterfly. I decided to pick up the dead butterfly and bring it with me on the walk and bring it to a new resting place. The appearance of butterflies on my path has been a deep conversation for me. You will find a number of blogs on Feathers and Whirlwinds that tell you the stories I can now call transformational. I hope this blog vibrates with the journey of faith and encourages you on this day.

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Whole - Am I my brothers keeper?

This chapter in Whole focusses on the story of Cain and Abel and I feel like it has given me access to my story in a new way. It talks of what it means to offer to God and what we choose to offer in the first place. In the midst of moments where we could choose to guard our brothers rather than destroy them we have access to a face to face relationship again with them and God. Here is a bit more of my story!

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The symphony of stories

“So, yeah, if you write a song about this story then give me a cut” he said. His statement just felt like a vibration in my soul and it highlighted to me that at the end of the day people just truly want their song to be sung and their story to be heard. And to me it’s not so much that it would be heard by the many, but rather that somehow it would be heard by the one. The one telling the story.

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