The most powerful place on earth?

With its crazy amount of museums, enormous, quite frankly oversized Roman pillar-esque fronted government and security buildings and the home of a man that represents many of “mans” decisions and powers on earth, it would be quite easy to think that Washinton DC is in fact the most powerful place on earth. Before I left for the USA I was told that this place was set up to at least look and feel like a place of power. The Washington Monument reminding me of some sort of Tower of Babel in its shape and position.

I have just spent five days in Washington DC and on three of these days I spent two hours singing in a tent outside the White House, at an event called David’s Tent DC ( Not a space for woes and intercession before God, for how much man seems to be messing things up, but a space set apart to sing praises to the King of Kings and The Lord of Lords. A place where Numbers 6 comes alive; for He puts his name upon us. He is our banner, our strong tower, our fortress and we are blessed by Him.

I recently heard in a study by Grant Luton ( that it is interesting how people describe God. When asking a Christian church the words, compassionate, just, holy, loving, all flow forth in a deeply felt tone. All the words used locked in on the spiritual descriptions and of course all true and totally awe-inspiring. When asking a Hebraic roots or Jewish congregation the people would say strong tower, mighty river, our rock, etc and well, this got me thinking! In a world that is in the constant tension of spiritual and physical (whether conscious of it or not) I think it helps us discover where the most powerful place on earth really is! There is a space between the physical and the spiritual, that place where both are held in tension, a place that has description and form and the fruits of the unseen, all in some empty and yet full space of living.

This place between is a place that is presently tangible and tangibly present and yet is always moving and breathing.

For those who don’t know it’s the time of Sukkot / Feast of Tabernacles. An appointed time described in scripture where we are to set up tents and remember how God is our provision, our joy and Redeemer. (Leviticus 23 v 33 – 44)

I recently found this quote that describes Sukkot from Rabbi Yossi Lew. He says: “It seems, then, that Sukkot is real life: Bubbling with life, like water flowing, and never remaining in one place. Constantly moving, and consistently changing; temporarily permanent and permanently temporary.”

So, where is the most powerful place on earth?