The symphony of stories

It was an unexpected moment. This young man of 31 shared his story with me and after finding out that I was singer said, “I expect the royalties if you write a song out of this”. I was surprised by his openness and could tell this young man was in a huge amount of pain. I kept his gaze and thanked him for sharing his story. It was a short and sweet visit and it was time to leave. I somehow wanted to grab onto it all a bit more though. Arrange a time for coffee and to tell him that his story counted and his heart, though broken, could land in dreaming and hope again.

His mother died in a car crash when he was young and he was brought up by his dad. This young man went to work abroad for a few years in his late twenties and while away he had a one night stand with a young woman. A year or so passed by and he got a message from the young woman on Facebook with a picture of a six month old baby. She told him he might like to know that the baby was his. As this young man shared his story you could see the loss and sadness. He felt it all over and I felt it too.

After the loss of his own mother he was brought up by his father and for this young man the thought of his child coming into the world without his father being there or even knowing about his existence was heart breaking. The story unfolded and these two young peoples lives collided again with hopes that the child could at least be brought up by both parents being as present as possible. I said I could see how much the events had affected him and that for him they would be felt more than they would be for some others. The energy between the loss of his mother and the arrival of his child was tangible as he mentioned the two.

“So, yeah, if you write a song about this story then give me a cut” he said. His statement just felt like a vibration in my soul and it highlighted to me that at the end of the day people just truly want their song to be sung and their story to be heard. And to me it’s not so much that it would be heard by the many, but rather that somehow it would be heard by the one. The one telling the story. Broken hearted people seek wholeheartedness and creatives like myself get moved by compassion to somehow be able to connect the breath and the words, the stories and the souls. That people can rest into their song and hear a melody that could just inspire and heal and bring hope to dream into the future that might just be possible.

Courage can come in many forms but is intimately connected to how we hold the memory of our stories and keep on walking forward. How might it feel to have your story sung over you? What songs capture your heart and speak to your soul? Have you ever thought about why they do that?

Well, it seems I have a responsibility to sing the song and it also feels like this act of compassion has the potential to be the symphony of real community. That the songwriters, poets, artists and writers can write the stories of the souls amongst us so that a new dimension of intimacy with the creative and the first creator can be more known in our whole being.