For a number of days I have been saying in my head, “tomorrow,tomorrow, I will write again tomorrow.” There have been no “the sun will come out tomorrow” moments or even that great line from that epic movie Bugsy Malone “Come back tomorrow” moments. It’s just been all the reasons, all the time for not just sitting down and writing.

I am under no allusion that the world requires my words but I am finding myself challenged by the use of words, in time, to bless and guard the friend, the sister, the brother, the stranger and even myself. So, here we go, after a number of months (eek) I am writing. I am starting from exactly where I am and I feel quite emotional about the depth to which my soul is both drawing near and yearning towards.

One of the things I love to do is take pictures. I get captured by road signs and catch a moment of laughter from a free and full face, I love nature and the seasons. I almost hear something deep inside me when the picture has a story to tell, a psalm even to it’s moment. Sometimes the picture speaks for itself.

The other day a friend took me to the arboretum close to the city of Minneapolis. The leaves were nearly all gone but were still vivid where they had fallen with autumnal colours. It was cold but the joy of taking the photos was breathtaking and life giving. There were two images that later I looked at and the words were just there. I had no idea what would come out of my soul as I wrote a short prose to go with the image but one persons response really vibrated through my soul. She said,

“Thank you for giving my circumstances, my body…..a voice”

What? WOW? Creator. Your Spirit and Word and creation collide in our souls and we get to bless each other in this way. Who am I? What a privilege to get to experience those words so deeply. I don’t know the detail of what is going on in this woman’s life but as I actualise my creative essence and fully rely and experience Word and Spirit inside of who I am, I get to reflect truth and the creators love, and others get a breath of freedom to engage that can run deep. Only God can meet my friend where she is, only I can bring forth my creative essence.

Do we even know the power of being present to our own creativity in the world? What would it look like to be today what the next moment, the next hour, the next tomorrow could breathe in?

Oh tomorrow. I choose to acknowledge you today. I choose not to run towards or away. I choose to have my heart open and my hands ready to pray. I ask for eyes to see and ears to hear today. This is very simply todays prayer.

Please see “She stood there leafless” and “Tears”. Two short poems with the images.

Sally Cranham