USA Roadtrip 2017

It’s been quite the summer. I have been in the USA for just over two months and driven across the entire country with a friend who is moving back to the USA after eleven years in China! It was the trip of a lifetime and we covered over 3000 miles from coast to coast. We shared the driving, our hearts, the navigating, the sites and the adventure.

I have seen and experienced the Lincoln and Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington DC. I have driven the original Route 66 and seen the St Louis Gateway Arch in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have gasped at the red stone formations of Sedona and looked into the Grand Canyon. I have been in a a car, a plane, a hot air balloon, a train and have ridden a bike through the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I have been in the heat of 121 degrees in Death Valley and been in wonder at the snowcapped mountains of the Sierra Nevada Hwy. I have reached up and talked to a bald eagle hovering above me as I laid on the water of a lake in Northern California. I have said hello to the cows in the prairie lands and the polar bears in the zoo. I have walked the beaches and seen the sunsets. I have kayaked on man made lakes in Ohio and driven hundreds of miles a day. I have sat and had a cocktail in a revolving restaurant overlooking the city of Phoenix, Arizona and jumped for joy at the Hoover Dam. It has been epic.

This season has been full of grace. I couldn’t have planned it or told you what each day would have held. I was struck by the diversity in landscape, that even desert spaces held their own unique qualities. The heat and arid landscape of Texas was fundamentally different to the heat and landscape of Arizona. The foliage and fauna changed, the climate changed despite temperatures being above one hundred degrees in both places, and California was a picture perfect as the postcards portray.

I am full of gratitude and learnt many things about perseverance in long driving days and the precious beauty and dynamics of friendship. I remember a long day that by 4pm I was almost asking for it to get dark as the scenery filled by bones with its beauty. My eyes were full to over flowing and my mouth couldn’t stop saying “unbelievable”. I think my friend got a little tired of that word!

I will never forget this summer or the opportunity I had to see the breadth of the land that I hope to live in one day. Who even gets to do that? I was surprised by joy and humbled by creation. Thank you Corrie for asking me to join you and for going above and beyond to make the trip spectacular. Love you and thank you God!