What do you see?

“If you focus on the problem, you will never see the solution…look at me” (Patch Adams Movie)

Last night we had the second of the ‘super moons’ above us in the night sky. As I looked out of the window the brightness caused a reflection and as if by great illusion I watched a second moon appear to the side of the large bright, far away planet. The reflection seemed clearer and was somehow easier to look at. As I tried to just look at the reflection however the second moon would soon as dissapear. It was like to see both you had to look through and not at, just like the scene from the late Robin Williams movie, Patch Adams.

To me this scene from Patch Adams and my experience of the moon last night got me thinking about hope. What is hope? From a Hebrew Biblical perspective, hope has various roots. It means to wait and can also mean a thread or line. I guess thats where we get the saying ‘a thread of hope’. Many times the saying is used in a form which sees us ‘hanging by a thread’ and I guess that’s what it feels like to get to the end of hope, but my sense of it is is that can be one of the biggest doorways to the very timeline of our existance. We can find ourselves hanging by a thread indeed but what if the thread of hope actually is more about the timeline we walk on rather than the what we feel we need to hang onto.

To wait, to know, to see. What if the thread of hope is to wait and see and know who we are in the frailty of the present moment. What if the thread of hope is to know that you are not alone and in our very verb like existance, walking with God, we can walk forward with our eyes up and our feet solid on the earth, learning that what we bring to this earth is magnificent.

To quote another movie, Dead Poets Society, that starred the late Robin Williams; “Carpe diem, seize the day, make your lives extraordinary”. That’s the truth of life in our very existance. We can have the hope NOW, in our waiting moments, the thread that holds us all together, the hope. We need each others faces and eyes to make the moments extraordinary.

‘Let Me See Your Eyes’ is a song on my first album ‘Your House’. The opening lyrics go like this;“Give me eyes to see the words already written in the ground, where my feet will walk and utter time and life without a sound…” leading into the chorus that ends with ‘Let me see your eyes’. It’s the walk as a human being that we can see the earth and the heavens in the same breath.

“..See what noone else sees, see what everyone else chooses not to see..out of fear, conformity or laziness. See the whole world anew each day!” (Patch Adams)

What do you see?

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