What's in a name?

Before I was born my parents wanted to call me Grace. Well, my dad actually wanted to call me Anna Hannah Rosanna Cranham, but, hey, that’s my dad for ya! I am not sure why my parents changed their minds but for whatever reason I ended up being called Sally Eliza Cranham.

Over the past couple of years however a strange thing started to happen. I started to think about the name I was given before I was even born. It’s like there was a call to connect to who that was and what that means for now.

For those who have read the bible, the name Hannah, which means Grace, first appears in 1 Samuel 1 and I have read and re-read her story many times. I have studied and wrestled with what it means for this to be the first time we read the name and word Grace in the scriptures. Her story has resonated in my heart and the journey has taken me deep into the person that God has created me to be.

In biblical times people wouldn’t have read names on face value, the name of a person or even a place in scripture inhabits the very character of that person or role of a place, and sometimes it takes quite a bit of courage to discover the why factor in all this. What fascinates me is the fact that Grace appears in the Old Testament Scriptures thousands of years before Jesus walked the earth. These thoughts had me writing a song that starts with the lines;

“Grace beyond words for Your names more than a feeling. What do You look like, when Your name is known? Grace fully present in every moment of my being. What do you look like for Your name is who you are.”

So, today I have a question, what do WE look like when our name is who we are? What is the name we were given before we even walked on this earth, and what’s in a name anyway?

You can here my song Grace on my first album Your House which is on iTunes. Just click here!

Sally Cranham