Witness in the Mission

The below is a poem I wrote yesterday morning as I walked around the block. Had a small cloud of fear around my head and bubbling heart space of feeling lost and found.

In the afternoon I visited The Mission in San Juan Capistrano with a friend and I simply asked, will you be a witness to my prayer. It was as simple as that. No need for a long response, just someone who would be a witness and listen.

Maybe you need a witness today. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. I had never asked, but it’s time. It’s time to ask for what is needed and in that wisdom find peace that we truly are all in this together. Thank you Cathy.

Time and Ribbon

I’ve given you time.

I’ve held it like a ribbon dancing and a shifting design.

And I can see. The fragile me. Sitting under wings of colour for all the world to see.

But I need space. The feeling of your hand upon my face. As I grow. I pray you’ll show.

That you’ll stop me from gathering up the me I’ve known.

In the great I am, I choose to stand. With an open heart and an open hand

With the us being drawn forth

Arm in arm and palm to palm

A living breathing masterpiece of grace.

The eternal goes beyond the time and space.