Your House not mine

Recently I was asked by a good friend why I called the album ‘Your House’, and indeed, it was a good question of which the answer is still unfolding! The title of the album even started a little fun with words on Facebook the other day. Some friends of mine realing off as many ‘house’ words as possible.

“Your house, my house, this house, that house, progressive house, hard house, ambient house, council house, bleak house, tree house….” And the list didn’t end there!

In the design process for the album artwork we played with the idea of having a picture of a house on the album but it never really settled with me. The artwork, as you will have seen, is of me, outside, in quite a vast expanse of empty space. You see, I was thinking, music isn’t something you can hold in your hands, it is rather something that enters through the senses. Into these temporary dwelling places. The place where our souls enjoy a home.

The title came to me in a flash. I was in Northern Ireland driving down from Enniskillen to Dublin and there it was, ‘Your House’. I met with the title in motion, driving along in the car thinking about the album project which had been going on for a little longer than I had ever thought.

‘Your House’ is inspired by the journey, the process we are all in as human beings, in families and communities. As I have lived and grown and learnt I have come to know that things are temporary and that is what it’s like being with God on this earthly plain. He made a way for us to learn just how we can live and live life to the full despite the tension of the temporary and yet being fully present on solid ground.

Father God gives us the designs of the Temple, the dwelling place of God on Earth, in the first five books of the Bible (commonly known as Torah although technically the whole of the Bible is Torah as it means instruction), and in the newer testament we come to know ourselves as the temple from the writings of Paul. The place where God’s spirit dwells. Even now I am fascinated by the designs of the temple in the Torah/Bible. Each piece, item, architectural feature holding depths of meaning beyond being a physical masterpiece…just like us!

When the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years they carried the presence of God and set up the Tent of Meeting where His presence became accessible and tangible and where Moses spoke with God face to face. People were encouraged to step away from the everyday and go and meet with God. A tent is a temporary dwelling place and it’s a perfect picture of life here on earth.

In calling the album ‘Your House’ I was drawn to the many paradoxes of life. We are in the world but not of the world. We are walking around in temporary dwelling places. So when I say ‘Your House’ I think of each one of us and on another level I am thinking of God’s House. His place of earth. We are in Him and He is in us, when we make that invitation and open our senses to the nature of a never changing verb like Father. The unknown becomes more accessible and in our vulnerability we have the ability to know a love and strength that can only be from Him.

‘Your House’ keeps our eyes out and up. We are here together, being temporary in the magnificent! We need each other and what each one of us brings to the world. There are seeds of life planted in all of us. Things that only you can do. We are temporarily magnificent and yet eternally present, and we can have an eternal impact in this world.

So, what’s going on in Your house today?

Your House is available on iTunes. Just click here

Sally Cranham