Album no.3

Recording an album is so fun but can be hard work too. From the song writing, editing and final selections to raising the funds to bring the work to life. Join Sally here as she embarks on an album project like never before. She is expanding her creative direction as an artist and is working with renowned Minneapolis based producer Matt Patrick.

Join Sally as she launches the second stage of her her fund raising campaign looking for 9 songs to be sponsored for this, her 3rd studio album. Watch the full project video below and take a look at the short clips explaining a little bit more about each song.

PLEASE NOTE: Your donation to this project will go through the Mission Support Network, the missionary organization that I am part of. Your donation will not only be tax deductible but a small percentage will be sowed into the work that Cathy and Stuart Greer do in communities around the world.


The full vision for album number 3.

Filmed in the summer of 2018, this video explains some of the depths to this new project.


in pursuit of silence by sally cranham

Hoodwinked by sally cranham

The cloud by sally cranham

a modern lament by sally cranham

Crack my shell by sally cranham

Encircle by Sally cranham

found by sally cranham

giants and figs by sally cranham

in pursuit of silence by sally cranham

so loved by sally cranham